Momma's Magic

I find myself telling my daughter "It's Mommy Magic" when I do a crafty little fix or creation that she usually is in awe of. (which I honestly LOVE) Sometimes they're simple little fixes like hot-gluing a headband back together or using nail-polish remover to clean up white patent-leather shoes.

Often times it's more complicated, like whipping up an 11th-hour Halloween costume because of a cold-front coming in.

And just sometimes, I even compliment myself with a little "Mommy Magic" nod of approval after I've done something I'm particularly proud of.

I love being a Mom!



I had seen this really cute idea making glitter Tooth Fairy money - using hair spray and glitter. So when my dear daughter lost her top front right tooth with the left tooth wiggling to freedom with each new bite, I immediately scrambled to work!

Imagine the following sequence if you will:

I walk to the bathroom as soon as Gabi is asleep to look for hair spray. (Being the mother of a 6-year old girl, I always know where to find glitter, but not hairspray.)

"SHOOT! I don't have any hair spray! Is there anything under this cabinehh... wait, what's this? Halloween GLITTER Hair spray??"

"Aren't I just gonna sprinkle glitter on this thing anyway?"


1. A Dollar Bill (or whatever denomination your personal Tooth Fairy deems appropriate)
2. Glitter Hairspray (found readily available around Halloween Time)

1. Lay down a newspaper or cardboard, so you don't glitter up your workspace.
2. Spray lightly one side of the dollar bill, then flip over and repeat.
3. Hang dollar(s) to dry
4. Once dry, fold up to distribute.
5. Patiently wait for them to wake up, then watch their eyes sparkle at the sight of
Tooth Fairy money!

PS - Works well as "North Pole/Santa Claus money, too!"



My in-laws live about 500 miles away, and the cost of flying a family even a short distance is often way too far out of my budget.  So without fail, we make the 8+ hour drive a few times a year.

When my daughter was very young, we'd make the trip at night while she slept.  We have fond memories of middle-of-the-night driving, Monster Energy Drinks and singing to The Beatles along those long, desolate stretches.  When my daughter turned 5, we began venturing into early-morning travel, and now we travel when convenient for US (finally!).

But, traveling during the day means we've got more hours of awake time to occupy while cooped-up in the backseat of a car.

On one of our recent trips we decided to make up a silly list of things to look for on our trip.  I jotted the list on a piece of scratch paper I had in the car and we began our Road Trip Scavenger Hunt.

I've since then fancied it up a bit - printed and laminated it - and it now is a staple on our long adventures in the car.  We use a dry erase marker - so it can be marked off over and over again.

1. PRINT ME on cardstock
3. PACK ME with a DRY ERASE MARKER in your activity bag
4. PUT ON your hunting glasses and ENJOY!!




I'm not brave enough to let my daughter do a professional hair color quite yet, but I was ready to experiment with some temporary color. After several failed attempts with Hair Chalk, I was ready to step it up a notch.

We found this: Garnier Hair Color Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Color, Purple Mania at Walgreens and decided to give it a try. 

The application was simple enough, and we definitely got a good color pop in my daughter's dark hair. Unfortunately when the liquid color (that does tend to splash if you're not careful) leaves a dried gel/hairspray clumping together of the hair. It was rough brushing through, but once we got through it with thoroughly dried hair, it looked GREAT!

Have you tried any other temporary hair colors for dark hair that I should try?? Let me know in the comments!




  1. came across this on pinterest and I have a question. Did the store accept the glittered dollar? My husband thinks they wont... I say with all the crap written on dollars now days they will. So with experience.. did they?

    1. Hi Laura - I'm guessing every retailer is different, but we've not had any problems spending my daughter's tooth fairy money. It's actually a conversation starter! :-)

  2. Thank you for posting this ! I was looking for a way to add a hint of glitter to some of my artwork like my handrawn art. I was using tulip clear diamond puffy paint and brushing a light coat but it tended to smear my inkwork or marker colors. I thought maybe modpodge would work but I heard it will also smear. I've been given options like using a adhesive spray then dust with glitter but when I did that it left a tacky film over my art. I just want the glitter with no tack and clear. I generally use hairspray to seal my art but never thought about glitter hairspray. Thank you so much !! Come next halloween I'll be hoarding a couple cans in the future.

    1. YAY! I'm excited to hear the tip was helpful for you!
      Fortunately Halloween season starts right after the 4th of July so we don't have long to wait to stock up!